React Redux for Beginners

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In 2020, Redux made complete sense after I watched the video tutorial by Dan Abramov — the creator of Redux — and the tutorial by Reinald Reynoso. There are dozens of Redux tutorials and articles out there but what is missing is the type of tutorial that will help from a beginner’s perspective. Beginners are made to understand that Redux is a basic library but one which requires some level of project development knowledge for them to use it.

Don’t think you’d need some kind of complex application to use Redux. The simplest application where you…

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Internalizing callback is important. It is a concept in some programming languages which includes C, C#, Red and Rebol, Lua, Python and JavaScript.

However, in JavaScript it is as fundamental as the language.

A callback is a function passed as a function argument and called at some point in the function. Callbacks are used to encapsulate logic to be executed in the calling function which usually contains other logic which could be general to our programming logic.

Apparently, there is this confusion that comes with learning a new programming language. Beginners would often encounter experienced programmers dishing out the dos…

Constructing Types using Index Type Query and Utility Types

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TypeScript can be weird and not very intuitive. Pardon me, I started learning TypeScript in January 2020. And JavaScript programming since 2018, almost two years. Not the little scripts we write in <script></script> with libraries like JQuery and in small files to manipulate HTML pages but JavaScript as a full fledged programming language to build libraries and code off any framework/library written in JavaScript. For everyone abreast of developments in the JavaScript world, learning TypeScript is imperative. Deno the new JavaScript and TypeScript runtime has first class support for TypeScript.


My First Contribution to Open-source: JavaScript, Deno, DSO and TypeScript

Open-source software (OSS) is one of the major pillars of software development, mostly a community driven effort which has changed the world through many crucial and groundbreaking libraries and frameworks which are available for developers and the public to use free of charge.

For many developers, contributing to open-source is a dream because they want to give back to the community. Nonetheless OSS contribution remains one area of software development that is often hazy for beginners. …

How Medium and JavaScript Changed My Writing Hobby

I opened my first blog in 2009 on Blogger because I always wanted to write. As a voracious reader, I always wanted to write for others to read too. I write as a hobby. I started with writing about socio-political issues. I also wanted to earn money from such writings. Living in Nigeria, any means to make extra income added to monthly income is desirable. However, Blogger’s model of earnings through advert clicks meant earnings come in dimes. Somehow, I quit. However, some years later I picked up writing again but mostly about politics. …

An algorithm for the beginner programmer.


This article is targeted at beginners. So I’m not trying to scare you my reader but I won’t fail to point out the prerequisites so you don’t say you weren’t informed. In every algorithm textbook or tutorial, graph algorithms alongside trees are often the last part. They are presented as the advanced part and I will agree with that classification. Because before you learn graph algorithms you’ll need to know lists/matrix, stack/queue, while/for loops/recursion.

This is the first time I am implementing Breadth First Search (BFS) and Depth First Search (DFS) without looking at…

It is one of the trivial implementations of a simple game a beginner can use to test their level of understanding of a programming language. Infact I have been asked to implement this in JavaScript in an interview. First I was expecting to be asked questions on the technologies (Node.js and React.js) in respect of the position because I had done an initial algorithm assessment on the remote working platform but I was met with an interviewer that took me to an online IDE and asked that I implement Tic Tac Toe with a couple of skeleton functions. Meanwhile, we…

React Native for macOS and Windows

The React Native (RN) Team at Microsoft announced a preview release of React Native on macOS and Windows which aligns with React Native v62 . React Native is living up to its mantra of “write once, run everywhere.” It is giving cross platform developers a boost to play in software development ecosystem. When earlier in 2020 Facebook Messenger was released on native languages for the iOS, it looked as if RN was in troubled waters. However, the recent announcement signals that the future of React Native is looking good.

Anyone who has developed an…


Re-architecting the world’s top social media platform with over 2 billion users is a big deal (1). It involves making a crucial decision of moving from a previously trusted technology which ensured its success to a new technology which must have the potential to boost performance and cause the platform to continue on the growth path. It’s a visionary decision and that’s exactly what the engineering team at Facebook did.

Big Year for React

Yes, React, the declarative JavaScript library for building User interfaces got a big endorsement from its promoter, Facebook. React has been in a battle of wits to fend off competitors…


I have been a Java developer looking to add JavaScript to my stack and wish to become a JavaScript rockstar before end of 2020. I have been learning JavaScript in-depth. However, I have always known JavaScript. Albeit minimally, I can write JavaScript inside <script> tag and manipulate the DOM. I have developed web applications using it. In fact I have known it for as long as I have known Java but I have come to realise that I don’t know JavaScript.

ThankGod Ukachukwu

Team Member, Core Programmers at Union Bank of Nigeria.

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