Peter Obi is easily the best choice

ThankGod Ukachukwu
4 min readFeb 23, 2023

I will vote for Mr. Peter Obi of the Labour Party on Saturday, Feb 25th 2023 in Nigeria’s General elections. I will also vote Labour Party “top to bottom”. I am going to do this to encourage all those who have contesting under the Labour Party which has given Peter Obi the structure on which he stands to achieve his presidential ambition.

If the presidential election was only between APC and PDP, I would have voted PDP which I have canvassed and voted since 2007. But this year, a remarkably shift in my choice is predicated on two main reasons.

First, Peter Obi represents a radical shift in governance expectation away from the usual traditional arrogant Nigerian politician that lacks character and full of tainted history. Obi is totally a “breath of fresh air”. He introduced a campaign trail where handouts and vote buying have been relegated to the background or almost eliminated. Candidates no longer have to induce voters to garner their support. Many voters now realize that selling their franchise for a mussel of bread the average Nigeria politician often cajole them to every election is a way to engender bad governance should these politicians have their way. Mr Obi’s campaign which seemed it would not take off has been largely funded by his supporters. He was mocked few months ago by the establishment who believed he didn’t have the kind of money needed to run presidential campaign in Nigeria. In his word’s. “It is POssible”.

Some call him Mr Clean. While he’s not a saint, amongst his contemporaries, he’s more than a saint. What does PO bring to the table: a systemic fight against corruption through eliminating government profligacy and dislodging the structures of criminality which politicians have entrenched and deplored to fleece the Nigeria people and state. His policy propositions are best suited to rescue the skydiving economy. He will be the least to deploy cronyism which has been the root of graft.He has stated, once you and your family as a top government official are not involved in corruption, the issue of corruption is half solved.

Second, having been a staunch supporter of PDP over the years. It was high time the party recognised the unalloyed support of the South East region and made it possible to field a presidential candidate from that region in the run up to the election. However, in the party’s presidential primary, they decided “zoning no longer matters”. I cannot be a party to scheming my region out of Nigeria’s topmost political office in the party they have given all their support in the fourth republic. I have championed Igbo presidency since my university days and Obi is an actualisation of that dream. Quite insulting is the snide remark Atiku keeps making that he’s the path to Igbo presidency.

More so, Atiku and Tinubu are septuagenarians. Atiku is too old to be saddled with the enormous task of running the country which is in tatters. Piloting Nigeria out of the mucky waters which Buhari has plunged it requires somewhat youthful energy and zeal to face the country’s perennial problems worsened by the incumbent. Should Atiku win, he will be in his 80s contesting for a second tenure.

Tinubu on the other hand is so tainted that it will take a special kind of disillusionment to consider voting for him. His incoherence at campaigns. Frail and decrepit like Buhari in 2015 are big red flags. He is too corrupt to be allowed near the presidency. A president who will embark on medical tourism for most of his tenure leaving the country to hyenas and jackals is what Tinubu represents.

Aside the president, I don’t much interest in other positions other than the member of house of reps of my constituency (PDP) who needs to go and rest. He’s been the worst politician I have known all my adult life. He has had the least impact I have known of any politician in his constituency. However, voting Labour all the way is a way to show my unalloyed support to the magnificent movement and awakening Peter Obi has ignited and I would want to encourage anyone who has been part of this movement in any elective position.

No one needs to be reminded why they need to vote the best choice in the coming election. Everyone can feel the sufferings and hardship — fuel scarcity, botched currency change, insecurity, rising cost of goods and services and many more. Another four or eight years of such situations will plunge the citizens into unimaginable deprivation of decent and good governance and human progress. We must vote right to help to begin to refocus the ship of state in the right direction. Nigeria can be saved or damned via the ballot on Feb 25th 2023. Peter Obi is the right choice.